being home

As I imaged 4 weeks ago, I am now sitting at my mum’s kitchen table, with wooly socks, drinking tea and writing my 3rd blog article. I have to say it’s challenging for me to even do the every-4-weeks update here, it does feel like writing a diary, and I only ever wrote a diary while being away traveling....

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losing baggage

I have only 2 weeks left in Stuttgart, my current residence, before going home to Münster for Christmas, and it already feels like I am doing everything for the last time. I am trying to see as many friends as possible after work and dancing in the kitchen with my flatmate as much as possible as well. Around this time...

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getting started

I still can’t believe that I’m acutally doing this – selling all my stuff, packing up my life and leaving Germany. Three days ago I handed in my notice, after talking about it for a couple of months. It felt weird, quitting my perfectly great and well paid job as a projectmanager. After all, I was were...

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