becoming a nomad

  • Bali

This is it people, I took the leap and am now in Bali, THE digital nomad hub. After a 12 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur and another 3 hour flight to Denpasar, I was finally there – and started sweating immediately! Boy, is it hot here, and what a dramatic change to snowy Germany! For the better of course. I had a driver booked to take me to the Hostel in Canggu, and after what felt like ages and 3 cigarettes, he was ready to go (pretty sure that was the Universe’s first test of my impatience…).

My Hostel is in a quiet street but not far from the main streets filled with little cute cafes and Warungs (Bali restaurants). I am sitting in one of those cafes right now, writing this post. It still feels surreal, being on the other side of the world and totally free to design my day however I want it. But don’t get me wrong, what sounds like paradise and especially looks like it (on Insta), is not everything there is to tell. To be honest, my first three days were quite a struggle, from all the hectic traffic, to not sure where or what to eat, to party people in the hostel, to the heat and to the jetlag. It’s a lot to take in, when you have never been to Asia before. But after a few days I started to enjoy my new freedom and tried to get the hang of Bali life.

My achievements so far: I rented a scooter, cheer for me!!! And nearly crashed a couple of times, but hey, I am still alive! Also, I now know how to gas up – you buy a bottle of either blue or yellow gas, in my case I had no idea which was the right one, but again hey, it is still driving! Yesterday I did my laundry, which basically means you give it away to a shop and they wash and dry it for you in a day. I tried the local food (this will take me and my tummy a little longer to get used to) and the super hyped fruit and veggie bowls (veeery yummy). Last but not least I made it to the beach twice, the second time I somehow didn’t manage to end up where I have been the first time… my navigation-skills suck! All the while I am working of course, and it’s great fun to be able to work from any cafe you want or from the pool, or even from my room with A/C.

Nevertheless Canggu is very busy, so I’m gonna head down to Uluwatu on sunday, also to get my Visa extension at the immigration down there, and I am planning to just chill for a bit.