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It’s been over 2 weeks now that I am living in Bali, Indonesia, and this is what’s it like:

After a week in Canggu I fled for Uluwatu, where it is supposed to be less hectic, more nature/ beach-life and less tourists. After my first night there in another hostel I decided though that hostelrooms/ -life is not what I need to be able to make my new work-life possible. So I opted for a private room in walking distance to three small beaches and spend a couple of days with just me and my thoughts – and food of course! I went for breakfast around the corner of my homestay, put in 2h of work on my laptop there and then basically went down to a different beach every day. Only to be back at 5pm to take calls, answer emails or chat with back home. So I got a nice slow routine after 1 week, which my brain and my body really needed. Still, sleep was what I needed the most but there was always something waking me up in the middle of the night or at god-forbidden hours in the morning… So I decided I will treat myself to a nice 2-nights stay at a nicer guesthouse, with pool and a nice comfy bed! Guess what? It was Saturday night and Bali likes to party hard – no sleep for me that night. Also Bali has a lot of stray dogs barking for hours during the night – needless to say, I got no sleep again. This was really freaking me out now, 2 weeks without solid 8 hours of sleep is not healthy! So I was looking forward to my 4th accommodation, an Airbnb room further down the main road. And the room IS nice, you don’t hear too much of the road but it’s directly in front of the pool space of another guesthouse – dang! Nevertheless I finally had my first good night’s sleep last night yey! Enough with the sleep topic now.

Bali is also a lot about Yoga and Meditation and the right mindset. I haven’t signed up for any Yoga class yet, but I am trying to do Meditation. Starting with an app with morning and night sessions. As for the mindset: I had a lovely facebook meet up with other german VAs in Canggu and also I signed up for a co-working membership at Dojo’s , to be surrounded by like-minded people. They have a lot of events happening here, from new members breakfast to daily evening talks like how to become a “lady boss”! And it’s close to the beach, so I will stop by the sea in the morning, soaking it all up and then cracking on with work! Keeping you posted how that works out!