being home

As I imaged 4 weeks ago, I am now sitting at my mum’s kitchen table, with wooly socks, drinking tea and writing my 3rd blog article. I have to say it’s challenging for me to even do the every-4-weeks update here, it does feel like writing a diary, and I only ever wrote a diary while being away traveling. Luckily the start to that is only 3 weeks from now and I can’t waaait to escape the grey and the cold!

Being home is also always a challenge for me too, as I am used to living on my own now for 10 years. Being home means living with mum and my two little (but taller) brothers and somehow that always transports me back to when we where still in school and fighting all the time… we do still fight – a lot – at first, but after a couple of days it gets better and everybody got used to the other one’s crazy habits again. Christmas and NYE went by way too fast and we already had to say goodbye to the little one, who is off to Munich for work already. It felt strange to say goodbye, after all I don’t know when I will see him again… same goes for some friends I already needed to say goodbye to. I absolutely looove my girlfriends, couldn’t ask for more support and cheering for what I’m up to! And we settled on saying “until I see you again” instead of the sobbing-our-hearts-out goodbye…

So far all “business related things” are going smooth, I registered for my start-up, got myself a liability insurance as well as a health insurance for traveling the next 2 years – let’s see where I am in 2 years… Also bought some stuff to add to my travel gear coz’ this time I will need a laptop case and a hard-drive and so on. Lucky me it’s my birthday in two days so I have my wishes lined up 🙂 I’m turning 29 – blimey I am old! 28 was such a nice number – but let’s skim over the pity I feel for myself!

Tomorrow is officially my first day in my own business – wuhu! I am still working in my old part-time job as a personal assistant and I can’t wait to tackle my Trello board! Also it’s kiiiind of safe to say that I have a second client, but I don’t want to jinx it, so stay tuned! Hopefully by the end of the week I signed up my 3rd client as I have another meeting scheduled with him, so fingers crossed!

Alriiight that is a pretty damn long blog post, guess a lot has happened. Next time I am posting here I will be in – drums please – BALI!