losing baggage

I have only 2 weeks left in Stuttgart, my current residence, before going home to Münster for Christmas, and it already feels like I am doing everything for the last time. I am trying to see as many friends as possible after work and dancing in the kitchen with my flatmate as much as possible as well. Around this time last year I moved into this flat and painted the walls in oceanblue – last weekend I had to paint white over it again… (which meant 4 layers of white!). Right now my only belongings in this room is a mirror and my clothes, the rest will go back to the landlady. It didn’t feel sad at all to give away or sell all my other stuff, in fact I feel lighter than ever. And I can’t wait to loose all my winter clothes, as I won’t be needing them where I am going *palimpalim*

Something I DO need is a computer and thanks to a lovely friend I bought a shiny-used-one last week, from which I am now writing this article 🙂 I can already imagine me sitting in a cafe near the beach, working on who ever knows what that will be (my biggest challenge – finding clients!). But before that, I will be sitting at my mums kitchen table with hot tea and wooly socks  – and with that I am wishing you all a fancy-frosty Christmas season.