getting started

I still can’t believe that I’m acutally doing this – selling all my stuff, packing up my life and leaving Germany.
Three days ago I handed in my notice, after talking about it for a couple of months. It felt weird, quitting my perfectly great and well paid job as a projectmanager. After all, I was were I planned on being when I started studying, and I was there way earlier than I anticipated. That was all to some lucky twists of fate, meeting the right people at the right time basically.
I don’t regret any decision I made on this way here, it was all meant to be. And I don’t regret making the decision of going remote, becoming my own boss – yet! But then again, I haven’t actually started yet. I just made the decision and started planning all the things that go with it – like finding a new tenant for my room, selling my belongings online and on a flea market, talking to health insurance and a tax consultant, going on like that… But don’t let me forget the best part: booking my one-way ticket to Bali!!! I’m leaving when it gets the coldest in Germany, end of January! So I have a whole month at home with my family after Christmas.
And what is it that I’m actually “working” from January on?! I call myself virtual assistance, so I’m gonna be assisting with all kinds of organizational tasks but without actually being at the scene. Loads of people are doing it, most of them quitting a corporate job as well, and I hope I will meet some of them in Bali – so stay tuned!