being back in Canggu

It’s fascinating how time flies by when all you wanna do is slow down… another month has passed which I spent entirely in Canggu. Due to a very nasty but also very common sickness called “bali belly” I didn’t get on the plane to Thailand this week but extended my Visa for another month here. It totally screwed up my stay here 3 out of 4 weeks so I hope it’s contained now and I get to actually enjoy the next weeks.

About my time here in Bali the last couple of weeks: I stayed with Serenity Eco Guesthouse this time, they have nice private rooms, you get breakfast every morning and you can use the pool in their beautiful little jungle. On top of that as it is a Yoga House more than anything there is no partying and everybody is just super relaxed! Also I signed up again with Dojo co-working where I spent a good part finding my “routine” as well. Apart from sleeping and working, I did some, only some, yoga and a LOT of eating! There are just way too many cafes in Canggu to see them all, but new on my favourites’ list are Betelnut, Copenhagen and Banh Mi and Beans.

An out of the ordinary, out of my routine kinda day I spent with a newly won german/indonesian friend again – it so happens that she is a fashion designer/producer and invited me to a small fashion show she was taking part in!! So I got to pin needles and zip up the models dresses backstage, which was super fun! And I got to visit a Hotel where I would normally not be able to be let alone buy a drink probably! Super stunning architecture and interior at Kempinski but I still prefer my cute and cheap homestay…

Big thing that happened as well, and I totally forgot until this point, is that my interview with got released!!! Yeah so proud to be featured for “how to work as a digital nomad” and very happy with the outcome! Thanks again you guys for the great reactions, totally made my day!

And last but not least a very very important Bali experience: plastic pollution! It’s super sad to see so much waste on the streets and on the beach, but it’s all down to education! So I am very happy that there are some amazing girls in Canggu doing something about it; we gather on sundays and clean up a local beach together and it’s just so rewarding having the local people talking to you, helping and thanking you!

Fingers crossed for signing a new client this month – until then!