Holidaying in Bali

  • Bali

I really think this city girl is turning into an island girl – I was longing so much for this short trip to Bali and getting out of this big city life and the 3 weeks could not have been better. I’m seriously considering calling Bali my second home and base for further trips, as this has already been my third stay over there!

For everybody who needs a 3-week Bali itinerary here goes:
I took a short flight (I say short but it’s still 6 hours and a quarter around the globe) from Brisbane to Denpasar and after 9 months away from Germany I was more than happy to welcome one of my best friends to the island of Gods (and she traveled HALF around the globe!). Off we go to Ubud, with my first female driver ever on Grab, applause!
We didn’t stay in Ubud center as it is so crowded and noisy, but in a really nice homestay with a pool a little out of the main streets. Traveling in a pair has its perks, as you can split all the costs. And our homestays got better and better with our journey.

After a trip to the Tegalalang rice terraces and the Tegenungan Waterfall we had enough of tourist attractions and tried to go off the beaten track. And the next destinations definitely was “off the track” as we drove all the way (with all our luggage) on our scooters to Mount Batur, the volcano in the east of the Island (ok so Mt. Batur still is a tourist attraction but few drive there themselves rather booking a whole package from Ubud with pick up). The journey was an adventure in itself, with spectacular views of the countryside and a road up and down like a rollercoaster – mind you, we did need to drive some streets twice as we got lost, and then when we arrived at our location we were not entirely sure if we again missed a fork. But turns out this homestay in a place of nothingness has had a really tranquil oasis behind its walls and we kind of were the only guests!

Next day at 3am we went with a French couple and a guide to do the sunrise trekking and we were very glad that we booked the guide in the end, as there are people waiting around bonfires to question you if you have a ticket and all. Also, we got lucky as we only did a 1,5 hour trekking, with less people on our way, compared to the most popular track with 2 hours to go up. Starting the walk in pitch darkness, smelling cows but not seeing them, we arrived as one of the first up at the peak, already able to see where the sun will rise over the lake. Jumping on the spot for another 30min, as it was freezing cold up there, the sun finally made its way up and a splendid entrance to the day she made! I am more a sucker for sunsets but that’s probably due to not making it out of the bed so early, but this sunrise was really breathtaking! Can only recommend doing this hike up there it’s totally worth it. We enjoyed the rest of the day aka the whole day by the pool resting.

The next leg of our journey was to Sanur, white sand at the east coast, to do some shopping and beaching (and yoga by the beach). It so happened that 2 friends from Stuttgart were “in the neighborhood” (thanks Instagram) so of course we met up for Nasi Goreng! Once Bali, always Bali guys 😉
As we already have been at the east coast, we made the trip over to the beautiful Gili Islands the next day! 3 small islands next to Lombok in the middle of crystal-clear water, with coral beaches and tiny nutshell boats in front, all reminded me of the Fiji Islands. We had super lazy days at Gili Meno, drinking coconuts, watching sunsets, reading books. I didn’t wanna leave…

Our final destination was Canggu – where I have mostly lived in the beginning of the year and where I would meet up with some friends from that time. Sadly, my friend had to leave back home for work 2 days later…

I spent my last days in Canggu at my favourite restaurants, going to the hairdresser and spending time with my friends. You make so many new friends while traveling that it makes up for all the friends back home that you can’t see or talk to for so long and I am very grateful for that.

I’m back in Brizzi now, got right back into giving Zumba classes and catching up on work. But this time it didn’t feel right leaving Bali after only 3 weeks, definitely will be back soon!